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The BEEM "Grillete":                                                                                                                                        This multi-function grill is another innovative high-quality product from Germany, manufactured by BEEM GmbH. It has many useful applications and it's very easy to operate. It can be used to grill Gyro or Doner kebab, grill whole poultry or Steak, grill meat/poultry kebabs, shashlik, fish kebabs, sausage kebab and many more. The grill is largely made of rust free stainless steel with industrial type plug cable; it has two heating elements at different wattage. The lower watt is for normal grilling and the higher watt is used for additional browning.

Technical data:                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mode:                                         Gyros "Grillette"
Type number:
Power supply:                              220-230V ~50Hz
Nominal power rating:                   1500W at stage 1 /2500W at stage 2
Weight, excluding accessories:       2.7 kg
Skewer rotation speed:                  2.2 r.p.m
Protection class:                            I
Protection rating:                           IP-X0 


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